Young Filipina Programmer Starts Own Company At Age 10

While most of us may effortlessly accept that children nowadays just get themselves occupied with playing and watching toons, that truly wouldn’t be exact with regards to Isabel Sieh. This young ladie who hails from the city of Antipolo in the Philippines is a tech wiz who learned coding at the young age of 10!

Sounds awe-inspiring, you say? All things considered, it really is! This self-trained coder started to seek her interest for the subject at that youthful age, because of the inspiration of an educator.

Isabel stated:

“When I was around 10 years of age, my educator saw that I truly cherish math so he recommended that I begin coding. He showed me this site called Code Academy.”

Beside her educator, Isabel’s folks were similarly steady. So notwithstanding all the accessible data and assets on the web, her mom likewise contracted teachers to help their girl take in more. At 10, Isabel officially learned Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and JavaScript.

Sieh founded an organization called Girls Will Code to urge different young ladies to learn coding.

Isabel would later begin her own particular organization Girls Will Code in the expectations of instructing coding to other intrigued young ladies. Some portion of community’s group will likely urge schools to educate their understudies fundamental programming abilities or make it an activity after school.

“When you’re in a group, it’s easier,” Isabel commented.

So today, at age 13, Isabel is circumventing schools to impart her enthusiasm to different children.

She utilizes Scratch Jr, a basic programming dialect particularly made for kids, to help learners code their own intelligent stories and games.

Indeed, Isabel is a case that you are never excessively youthful and impossible to learn something – and that writing computer programs isn’t just for young men.

Because young ladies can do it, as well, and basically exceed expectations at it!

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