Woman thinks cat died in wildfire. Here’s the tearful moment they find her in the ruins

When wildfires unleashed through Laura Ringenberger’s Napa neighborhood in October 2017, she has nothing else to do, but to run for her life alongside her family. Before they left, she went into her terrace to get her cat, Kitty Kitty Star. She looked all around, yet she couldn’t find her pet anywhere. Devastated, Ringenberger and her family left, trusting that they would see their cat again.

Sadly, Ringenberger’s home was demolished in the fire. Ringenberger also worried that her beloved furry friend didn’t survive the fire. Ringenberger urgently needed to know if her feline was alive. So when it was safe to return her neighborhood, she waved to an ABC 10 News reporter who was covering the Napa fire, asking him to take her home.

When they got to Ringenberger’s property, she began searching the cat, yelling “Here, kitty kitty!”

And afterward, a supernatural occurrence happened. Kitty Kitty Star heard her owners calling and walked straight in her arms. She was covered with dust and soot, however she was unhurt.

See below the happy ending story:

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