What this man does for his best friend is just Amazing!

For the past 19 years a guy from U.S.A took his dog to the lake everyday, for him to sleep a few hours. Otherwise the dog can’t sleep because he suffer from chronic arthritis. The poor dog can barely walk because of the pain caused by his joints.

To relieve his best friend from suffering, veterinarians proposed the lethal injection.

But the owner cannot do so with his friend, because in the past, the dog prevented him to commit suicide.

And now to ease the suffering of his four legged friend, the man is seen daily walking in the Lake with his dog and and keeps him in his arms several hours to be able to sleep.


“Words are superfluous. When there is love, you’re doing this for your dog whenever the need arises. I want people to learn something from this picture” says the dog’s owner.

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