This Wedding Photographer Turns Couple into Miniature People

All couples want to look back on their wedding day and be reminded of that very special moment when their lives together started. And the best way to do that is by looking at the photos taken that day.


Assuming you only plan on getting married once, you only get one chance of capturing your wedding day. You can see why a lot of couples choose to hire a professional photographer for their big day. Even so, there’s always that risk of your photos looking like every other wedding photo you’ve seen. That’s because some photographers get stuck using the same style and poses when shooting weddings.


Originality is definitely something you’ll get by hiring Thai photographer Ekkachai Saelow. The man has a unique vision when it comes to photographing his subjects. You could say that the man doesn’t just capture the finer details of his subjects; he actually turns his subjects into the finer details by transforming them into miniature people.

Ekkachai’s photography business which literally translates as “Small Person,” was built around playing with proportions to create a spectacular effect. The photograph specializes in turning happy couples into miniature inhabitants of over-sized world, a beautiful metaphor for starting a new life together as a family.

The man manages to achieve this surprising effect by cutting his clients out of their original pictures and inserting them into a small scale environment. For a flawless finish, the man then uses an effect known as tilt-shift photography. This gives the images that miniature macro look.

The result looks totally surreal! This is definitely different from all the wedding pictures I’ve seen so far. Couple who like to stand out will surely consider this style of photography for their big day.

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