Watch a prepper save his home with an Aqua Dam

Some situations are pushed towards the zombie end of the world scenario, when truth be told their techniques are to a great degree valuable with regards to characteristic fiascos and amazing climate conditions. A valid example is Randy Wagner. He consequently was pegged as nuts when he drove the distance from Louisiana from Texas to get a “Water Dam” for $8300. After the floods that hit Texas, Randy was no more the nut, as his idea totally paid off and spared his home.

The floods achieved a profundity of 27″. They never got through the aqua dam that Randy had set up. If he wouldn’t bought that dam, the floods would have without a doubt been more expensive than $8300!

The tube is 30″ tall. It’s dispatched with water keeping in mind the end goal to keep down the floods coming in. This is what Wagner needed to say in regards to his speculation and the response from others: