Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In Samothraki Island

Samothraki is a Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea. It is a district inside the Evros local unit of Thrace. The island has a populace of 2,859 and is 17 km (11 mi) long and is 178 sq km (69 sq mi) in size. Its fundamental activities are angling and tourism. Samothrace is a standout amongst the most tough Greek islands, with Mt. Saos and its tip Fengari ascending to 1,611 m.

1. Mt. Fengari


This is a 1,611-meter tall mountain that is a significant test to climb, which would take you around 6 hours to achieve the top from the beginning stage of Hora. Obviously, your endeavors will be compensated with astounding perspectives from a stage where Poseidon sat to watch the Trojan War.

2. Kamariotissa


This little community serves as the fundamental port of Samothraki, comprising for the most part of a long principle road that extends along the harbor’s edge. Here, you will discover inns, lofts, eateries, bistros, clubs and keepsake shops that makes your holiday more beautiful.

3. Pahia Ammos


Situated on the south shore around 15 kilometers from Kamariotissa, this is a standout amongst the most mainstream shorelines on the island, with a magnificent 800-meter extend of coarse sand settled between two rough distensions reaching out into the ocean. Adding to the considerable landscape are the sensational cliffs transcending it.

4. Hora


This is the island’s capital, which is flawlessly hidden in a characteristic amphitheater in the mountain 6 kilometers above Kamariotissa. It is an enchanting town that has small roads winding their way here and there the hillsides, with various eateries and bistros offering wonderful perspectives over the ocean.

5. Vatos


Just reachable by boat or hours of climb from Pahia Ammos, this stunningly wonderful sandy shoreline covers a large portion of the whole north shore of Samotrhaki. Its street nearly takes after the sea, where there are a few calm spots where you will have the capacity to discover isolation and peace.

6. Therma


This coastline town, which is around 14 kilometers from the port, has a little group of hotels, flats and vacationer shops that are encompassed by lavish foliage, making the whole place very lovely. It additionally serves as a nightlife spot on the island, being close to few campgrounds.

7. Fonias River


While its name truly signifies “killer” because of the monstrous floods that sweep it down each spring, this river really offers a fascinating stroll along its banks. Fundamentally, it permits you to take a 30-minute stroll along a tree-shaded and rock strewn way that leads you to a beautiful 12-meter waterfall.

8. Kipos


This is a kilometer-long stone shoreline bending along the eastern tip of Samothraki that is upheld by open fields and is lapped by profound, completely clear waters, with one end having an overhanging rock that offers shade. In the event that you are searching for cutting edge accommodation, then there are some vacationer offices that you can use.

9. Loutra


This is considered as the main resort on the island since the Roman times, on account of its mineral-rich and restorative warm springs. Here, you will have the alternative to utilize a present day shower house, hot tub house or an outdoors pool underneath wooden sunshades to drench yourself in its quieting waters.

10. The Sanctuary of the Great Gods


This is viewed as the most imperative fascination of the island, being the past site of a secret cult that proceeded with well into the Christian period, with powerful people of that time, including Odysseus and Philip of Macedonia. Among the primary draws here are the Anaktoron Sanctuary and the Hieron.

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