This Is The Only Giraffe Of Its Kind In The World. It’s Truly A Sight To Behold

Association of Wild Nature Institute discovered in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania a white giraffe. It is an extremely rare occurrence, and the animal is likely to be the target of poachers.
A local guide baptized the white giraffe with the name Omo, after a detergent name.
The animal is not Albino, but suffers from Vitiligo, a disease that attacks the skin pigmentation. Given the uniqueness of the Giraffe, aged 15 months, the experts think it can elicit the interest of poachers.
“Omo is always in the company of the other giraffes. It appears that none of the other giraffes has no problem with the fact that she is not like them, it doesn’t bother them that it has a different color. We hope that Omo will have a long life and will make babies”, said Derek Lee, the Park founder.

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