This Bride Died on Her Wedding Night and You’ll Never Believe How

Marriage should be on of the greatest moments in life, however what happens when it ends up being to a greater degree a bad dream than the fantasy you’d imagined? What happens when you’re not by any means mature enough to imagine that minute and you’re compelled to wed at any rate?
For an 8-year-old Yemeni young lady, that bad dream turned into a reality when her folks wedded her off to a man more than five times older. On the night of her wedding she passed away from internal bleeding after her new “spouse” assaulted her.
This practice is very normal in Yemen. More than 25% of the female population married before the age of 15.
Because of abominations such as these numerous people and NGO’s everywhere throughout the world try to stop this kind of “tradition”. However they’ve met with a ton of resistance from the present Yemeni populace.
In 2016 this type of atrocities shouldn’t be allowed for more than simply therapeutic reasons. What is your opinion?
You can watch New York people’s reaction to child marriage in the video below!

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