They Went For A Morning Walk, They Had No Idea This One Text Would Change Everything

In March 2013, on a wonderful sunny morning, Leslee and David Henson of St. George, Utah, chose to go out for a stroll together. Parents of 3 kids and 12 grandchildren, they had moved to this exquisite neighborhood to appreciate as much time with their growing family as they could.

They had no chance to get of realizing that their walk would change their lives for good, as a driver’s inattention would bring about disaster. In the video beneath you will hear Leslee offer what happened, in the trusts that her story will at last be the reminder about the obliteration brought about by messaging while driving.

Carla Brennan, 52, was late for work that morning. She didn’t wake up with the aim of harming somebody… just in a surge, she was speeding and messaging. She hit from behind another vehicle which hit the Hensons; David, 57, passed on while in transit to the doctor’s facility, and Leslee endured numerous breaks to her neck and lower back, and in addition different wounds requiring 5,000 stitches.
Shockingly, Brennan just got a 240 day prison sentence. Her auto was unregistered and uninsured, and she was driving 20 miles over as far as possible when she slammed. ABC 4 UTAH reported the Henson’s little girl, Haley’s, anguished review; on the grounds that a lady needed to content that she was late to work, she lost her dad and her kids their grandpa. So as to bring issues to light, and to facilitate the mind-boggling torment over the catastrophe that came to pass for her gang, Haley established “Stop the Texts, Stop the Wrecks.” Thanks to the persistent endeavors of the Henson family, the state laws of Utah were changed in 2014, entirely restricting messaging while driving.

In spite of the way that such a large number of states have these strict laws, messaging while driving still holds on. Viewing Leslee’s story in the footage underneath, gives more data that brings home the results of diverted driving. The Henson’s are one out of thousands and a huge number of families whose lives are demolished, in light of the fact that individuals still think nothing will happen in the event that they turn away from the street for a minute.

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