These 15+ Hilarious Images Of Cats That Prove They Are Made Of Liquid

For felines, the “If it fits, I sits” attitude is essential to a happy life. How else would you their amazing ability to fit into the smallest and tightest spaces?

In some cases it’s so strong, our adored cats even wind up fluid to fill a compact container.

Actually cats really love to imitate the properties of liquid. They will take any chance to show they are fluids by jumping into different boxes, jars or pots regardless of how little they are.

1. Fluffiest liquid ever

2. Pretzel lover

3. A cup of…

4. Purrrfect fit

5. It looks like someone is baking a cake

6. Yep, they are definitely liquid

7. Careful of spillages

8. Who needs flowers when you have this sweetie?

9. Does someone said fresh?

10. A liquid always take the shape of the container it was put in

11. Melting in the sun

12. Snuggling in a sink

13. What’s for dinner?

14. Two cats squeezing in a vase

15. Both Solid And Liquid

16. This sweet kitty really love his sock

17. Cat-ppuccino

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