Teenage Girl Comes On X-Factor Stage. Everyone Was Wowed. Then When Judges Ask Her To Remove Her Hat The Crowd Erupts

15-year-old Danielle “Danie” Geimer left the judges speechless when she turned out to perform at the US X-Factor.

While conversing with her before her execution, Danie uncovered that she was bad when it came to conversing with individuals. She included that she was apprehensive about singing in front of a full house audience.

Danie said she had been singing since the age of seven yet she loves to read more.

“At the point when most young ladies are going off to hang out with their friends or go to the shopping center, I’m normally in my room reading,” she said. “I read about [topics] like neuroscience.”

She sang “Place of the Rising Sun” and her voice was totally stunning. The judges couldn’t keep down their look of stun and ponder. When she was done singing, the audience burst out in cheers.

“Miss thing, you are it!” one of the judges, Kelly Rowland shouted.

Another, Demi Lovato requested that Danie remove her cap so individuals can see her face. When she did, the audience erupted again as Danie was beautiful.

Watch her amazing performance in the video:

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