Sweet Moment Sheriff Comforts His Bomb-Sniffing K9 During Thunderstorm

In light of inclement weather, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office offers a wise piece of advice: “Keep your friends close, and your K9s closer. (Especially during a thunderstorm.)” Emphasizing the importance of providing comfort and reassurance to our furry companions, the police department in Olathe, Kansas, went a step further by sharing a heartwarming photo and an equally endearing video on TikTok. The footage captures a heartwarming moment as a K9 named Senna, who specializes in bomb-sniffing, receives some much-needed tender loving care during a thunderstorm. The accompanying caption beautifully sums up the scene: “When your bomb-sniffing K9 needs a little extra TLC during a thunderstorm.”

@jocosheriffsoffice Got your six, Senna. #JohnsonCounty #SheriffsOffice #Kansas #K9love #cophumor #mood ♬ Sure Thing (cover version) – Tik Toker

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