A strange raven flies right up to this guy, so he says hi. The raven’s response is very naughty

There is one thing for certain with regards to wild creatures, it’s that they are constantly loaded with astonishments! The bird in this funny video is no special case to that feeling. It figures out how to truly stun the hell out of the couple it choose to spoke with and once you see what it does, you’ll be surprised as well!

The wild winged animal has all the earmarks of being either a raven or a crow however it’s difficult to be sure for beyond any doubt which one it is on account of the video quality isn’t the best and both species look fundamentally the same as in appearance.

The winged animal landed comfortable near the man’s feet who was chilling and sitting outside on a seat while talking with a friend. The little feathered fella then jumped up alongside him and settled on the armrest, so that the two were at eye level with each other. The lady can be heard urging the man to attempt and pet the neighborly winged creature, yet he takes a look at its long, pointy mouth and says no chance! Now it’s very astounding that the feathered creature is chilling on the seat nearby the man, not to mention that it landed so near him in any case. Yet, what happens next is the most amusing, most startling thing ever. The winged animal opens its mouth and says unmistakably ‘bleep you’ to the man!!

After listening to that the person blasts out laughing and to be sure anyone will hear what it said, he repeated the curse, it’s as though he can’t accept what he simply heard this honest looking little feathered creature said to him. He’s not the only one, that was the exact opposite thing anybody would hope to happen! Besides, where on the planet did a wild winged creature get such foul dialect?

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