One-of-a-Kind Sea Organ in Croatia Creates Haunting Music With Ocean Waves

Have you ever listened to the smashing of waves on the shore and felt it so grateful that you’ll fell asleep only listening to it? You’re not the only one.

Now, envision that unwinding song being combined with organ music, and what do you get? No, it’s not something you can just appreciate in your fantasies – there is really an organ that transforms the rhythm of waves into music.

Situated in Croatia, the Sea Organ, or Morske Orgujle, was developed by famous designer Nikola Basic in 2005. Covering more than 230 feet long, slim holes are cut in the stone stairs on the drift, leading the waves to organ pipes. At the point when the waves tenderly lap onto the stairs, it pushes the air through the pipes, delivering clear, but a tiny bit scary, music.

This is how it sounds:

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