Nervous teen walks on stage for contest, within seconds the whole crowd’s on their feet cheering

Brett Nichols went on Pitman High School stage, California, to wow his schoolmates with his noteworthy dance moves for a school talent show. It’s obvious to see that he went on to win the the competition.

Brett choose one of his favorite songs from Michael Jackson and played out a smooth version of the melody ‘Billie Jean’ to a full sports hall and his smooth moves were spot on. Moon walking, hip pushing and spinning his way through the number, Brett sent his schoolmates gone wild.

The fabulous routine went ahead to win Brett lots of fans, not only at Pitman High School, but everywhere throughout the world. He has, since, invited on NBC, CNN and ‘The View’ on ABC News. He likewise puts his abilities to use in traveling Michael Jackson cover groups – the perfect occupation for this skilled youngster!

Look at the video for yourself and see how awesome this boy’s moves are.

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