Mom had stressful day at home with kids, then toddler secretly told dad the real story

An average day for a mother is one of running errands, ensuring that the youngsters are cheerful and dealing inescapable mishaps and emotional episodes. In any case, while one mother feels that her day has been one of unlimited trials, her young little girl saw it in an entirely different way.

This mother’s day begins by splitting up her little girls as they fight over the toys they are playing with and fights with them as she tries to fasten them into their carseats. She tries to do a quiet grocery shop, but she has no luck, and watches powerlessly as her little girl drops the cake she bought.

Mother appears to be truly depleted following a tiring day that feels like she has failed at her duties as a mother. That is until the point when she catches her little girl revealing to her dad about the day.

A day that mother had thought was stressful and exhausted, to her girl, been the greatest day ever! Always looking on the bright side of life, the young lady retells the story of their day however from her own particular point of view and it appears like a truly awesome day everything considered.

Mother is moved near tears as she tunes in to her happy little child discuss how mother saved her from the creatures in her room and gave her lots of kisses throughout the day. She even figures out how to put a positive turn on her fight with her sister and the cake disaster.

The video is so touching and a suggestion to all mothers that even when you feel like the world is against you, you’re still making an incredible great work of making your kids happy.

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