These Men Trying To Untangle A Bike From An Electric Fence Had Me In Stitches Laughing

You know a video of an electric fence will be interesting when it begins with “It’s just a tad bit live.” Add three British accents, and it’s crazy. That may clarify why this video of snickering cyclists’ blundering try to rescue a fat bicycle stuck in an electric fence, became a web sensation overnight.

“While pedalling today my mate Paul went to put his bicycle over a fence,” said YouTube user Big DT, who upload the video underneath. “Midway however he understood that it was electric! So he dropped it going back and forth. This is a video of him and my mate Al attempting to get it off!”

The trio tries using sticks (that break quickly), as different riders slip past out of sight without halting to rubberneck. They in the end figure out how to flip the bicycle over the fence, however not without maintaining a couple of electric jolts for their inconveniences.

The faces, the voltage, the effort to free the bicycle from the fencing… It all means comedic gold, and the gentlemen in the video are unmistakably more baffled than furious.

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