Mama Panda Seeing Her Baby For The First TIME

The mother and her infant were kept in separated areas for safety reasons, however today the zoo employees brought the month-old baby to her excited mom.

Probably, the bond between a mother and her child is one of the strongest connections ever. What’s more, don’t imagine that lone people are overcome with feelings with regards to their child — this applies to the set of all animals also. For Yuan and her one-month-old baby Yuan Zai it’s the same, as well. After you witness their first meeting since Yuan Zai’s introduction to the world, you won’t have the capacity to hold your ‘awwww’

This panda family was isolated for an entire month, without a chance to see each other. That measure was taken after the baby got a minor leg damage and needed to experience a recuperation procedure, remaining in a incubator. Be that as it may, now all hardship is over, and Yuan can at long last observe and touch her infant young lady as she needs.

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