This lake is the clearest in the world, but you will never swim in it and here’s why!

Rotomairewhenua or Blue Lake is situated in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, 3900 feet over the sea level. Its waters are viewed as the clearest on the planet. In any case, just a couple of individuals can enter the lake, since it is protected by the local government to protect its clearness.

The view around is extraordinarily wonderful, so the sight pulls in travelers.

They can walk by or stand on the shore, however they are forbidden to swim or get into the water.

All things considered, we doubt many individuals would do it! The temperature of Blue Lake is unwelcoming: 41 to 46 °F.

In any case, there are people that needed to dive into it! These are scientists.

They additionally determined the record-breaking visibility of Blue Lake’s water is from 230 to 260 ft compare with the 260 ft of distilled water!

Rotomairewhenua is sacrosanct for the local Māori people. The waters were utilized as a part of their rituals. Its indigenous name signifies “the lake of peaceful lands.”

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