Only in Japan: A Penguin Wears a Backpack and Walks to the Fish Market to Fetch Dinner

We’ve seen diverse sorts of creatures strolling down the road and going into houses or stores. We are stunned particularly when it includes creatures that you typically wouldn’t hope to see around the city.

So envision what your response will be on the off chance that you see this delightful penguin in Japan wearing a backpack and strolling to a fish store to get food.

Lala the King Penguin used to live in the Antarctic and was purportedly saved by a fisherman after he got caught in a fishing line. The fisherman’s family took him in and made him their pet. Lala now lives in their home and even has his own cooled room!

Yes, it’s genuine, and right now, I seriously need to get a penguin as a pet and nourish him every one of the sardines and mackerel that his little heart wants!

See the video below:

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