I’ve Found A Way To Make People Smile Whilst Making A Living Travelling The World

Rich McCor is a talented paper silhouette photographer who first gained the Internet’s attention a while back. Then, the man amazed the internet by transforming famous landmarks using paper cuts. The images he has created managed to catch the Internet’s eye and brought him an impressive following in Instagram. He now has over 135,000 followers on Instagram alone. The man used his new-found popularity to travel the world. He received many offers to just pick up his camera and paper cut-outs and head off to some incredible destinations.
So now the artist is back with a new project that is bound to get people interested. The images are all inspired by his travels. The 29-year-old Londoner traveled to Singapore, Nanjing, Hong Kong, Val D’Isere, New York and Las Vegas over the last six months.
The man chose Disney as the theme of his latest paper cutouts, and the result is awesome. He said he was inspired by all the famous landmarks he’s visited, as well as the people he’s come across. He says that most people across the world took a genuine interest in what he does. And that is what impressed him the most on this amazing journey he was fortunate to take part in.
The images below will make you smile. For the artist, this is a privilege. He says that he feels very fortunate to be able to travel across the world, do the things he is passionate about, all to make people from all parts of the world smile and enjoy his work.
This is creativity at its best. Enjoy and share!














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