His Human Tries To Feed Hi Broccoli. How The Cockatoo Reacts? I Can’t Stop Laughing

Everyone recognize a cockatoo for its big mouth and after the loud sounds coming out of his mouth. They’re screamers and when they talk they’re fundamentally screaming those words.

The parrot you’re going to see, indicates exactly how wild, loud, and fiery cockatoos can be. He’s no straightforward or conventional kind of flying creature, which is the reason he’s referred to far and wide as “Eric the Legend!” In this funny video Eric has a noteworthy tantrum while eating broccoli. As indicated by his proprietor, the veterinarian told her to give Eric a greater amount of the green vegetables.

While usually he eats broccoli, the post comments say he even appreciates it, this time he got excessively energized and went over the edge. Watch his funny reaction below and share this hilarious video with your friends!

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