Horse’s favorite song begins to play

The beautiful Clydesdale horse is known for its grace and poise, and are famous as work stallions and show horses because of their capacity to bond with people. They have amazing hearing, which most likely make horses adore music so much

In the video beneath, the lovely Clydesdale becomes the main attraction in the ring, surrounded by human line dancers, and they all move splendidly in sync. Strutting to Billy Ray Cyrus’ tune ‘Achy Breaky Heart’, the dance crew perfectly execute their routine.

The group goes wild as the Clydesdale moves and steps impeccably in time with the music, keeping perfect focus and keeping up its position as the center of the stage. It is astonishing to see the smart animal move in time with its two-legged companions, and it never misses a stage!

Receiving a pat on the back for a job well done, the stallion graciously acknowledges his applause from the thundering crowds. This is just amazing!

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