Girl Who Lost Her Memory Falls In Love With The Same Boyfriend

Some months ago, 19-year-old Jessica Sharman endured a terrible seizure that led to her memory loss. Subsequently, she needed to confront the painful part of knowing close people throughout her life again – including her folks and sweetheart.

In 2010, Jessica was diagnosed to have frontal lobe epilepsy. As of late, she endured a seizure while she was driving to work with Richard Bishop, her sweetheart.

Richard Bishop, 25, promptly made a move and helped his girlfriend. Regardless of that, in any case, she still endured extreme memory loss.

Remembering the first time the illness occurred, Jessica said:

“I didn’t comprehend what was happening. Flashing amnesia was typical for me after seizures. In any case, a hour or so later I saw this lady running towards me I had no clue who she was.”

“It was my mum, and I just stare at her like at a stranger.”

“My reality went to pieces that day. I was confronted with strangers saying they’re my family, telling me things about myself that made no difference to me.”

To help Jessica remember of her relationship with them, the family needed to show photos.

Obviously, it was a hard time for Jessica as well as for her folks, Lisa Sharman and Gary Sharman.

Be that as it may, it in the long run turned out to be significantly harder to persuade Jessica of her love relation with Richard.

“To me, he was a virtual stranger,” she said in regards to her sweetheart.

Jessica also said:

“They allowed me to sit alone with him and I didn’t like it. He was an outsider to me. Rich took me to what was as far as anyone knows our favorite park however I wouldn’t stroll alongside him. When he held my hand I pulled away.”

“He was crushed and determined we could get back what we had. Perceiving how enthusiastic he was persuaded me that he really love me, so I gave him a chance and started to date him, however made no guarantees.”

In spite of the fact that she has since “recouped” her life, Jessica is still fairly stressed that her illness may result to further memory loss.

In any case, she trusts that with her family and Rich close by, she will have the capacity to survive anything.

In her own words, Jessica shared:

“I have recouped a life for myself with the assistance of my family and, obviously, Rich. I feel so fortunate that he knew me alright to remain by me even when I considered him an outsider. He is practically all day near me at my home now and our relationship is going from strength to strength.”

“After I have been gone through last year, I know I can manage whatever occurs in future. Right now, I need to concentrate on making new memories.”

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