Garth Brooks spots woman holding sign, after reading it he instantly walks off stage

What could be more awful than getting sick and not being able enjoying life?

After this brave and woman who went to a Garth Brooks show at the Target Center in Minneapolis, those that are struggling with a cold or feeling a little sickly should think twice about that.

Theresa Shaw, who has stage 3 breast cancer, went to the show that night, but in that same day, in the morning, she had chemotherapy. If that isn’t devotion, then I don’t know what is.

Makes this more amazing is that at the show, Garth himself saw a sign she was holding which read “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight enjoying the dance”. He at that point immediately stepped off the stage to meet Theresa, and proceed with his execution directly to her; to make her even happier he gave her his guitar.

It’s practically impossible not to get emotional amid this beautiful video. What improves this story even better is that she went to another of his shows and took a sign that read “I kicked cancer’s ass. Still enjoying the dance!”

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