These curly cats who all descended from one shelter kitty are taking internet by storm

A week ago, the Internet got stunned by a photograph of an orange cat with curly hair. The photo was shared with the accompanying title: “I’ve never seen a cat with curls till now.” Well, neither have a large number of us, yet this is no joke – the curly hair on the kitty is real, and here’s the reason.

The breed of the feline who got Insta-famous a week ago is in all likelihood the Selkirk rex – and its origins can be followed to one strange rescue feline named Miss DePesto.

People began sharing photographs of kittens with curly hair, generally known as Selkirk Rex, after sawing the orange curly hair kitten above.

Miss DePesto was born in a Montana shelter in 1987. She had four brothers, each of which have straight coats, yet the kitty emerged because of her strangely curly hair. She was embraced by Jeri Newman, a nearby Persian breeder.

She bred the feline with a dark Persian and they delivered a litter of six children, every one of them with curly hair. Newman understood the curly hair was a dominant hereditary characteristic – and this is the manner by which the Selkirk rex was conceived.

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