Cows kept inside barn for 6 months are finally released – now watch their reaction to freedom

During cold winters, people are not the only ones who try to avoid the freezing cold from outside, the animals are doing it too. Some of them go into hibernation, others stay in packs an so on.

When it comes to domesticated animals, like these cows, farmers do anything to keep them warm and comfortable as possible. Truth be told, 65% of Dutch cows craze in the summertime, so you can envision how restless they should feel waiting so long to be back outside. When you’re stuck inside as the snow piles up, all you want is to be back outside in the sun which can feel like an eternity.

In any case, much like people, cows can get really wired when they know it’s time to be blessed with the “freedom” again. They are so excited that numerous tourists in the Netherlands come to join the cows on their first “coming out” in Spring.

The bovines look thrilled to see the bright green fields again and you can understand why after you’ll see their crazy reaction. So in case you are in need of a cheer up just look at this happy cows in the video below:

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