Bikers find out marine’s remains being sent home by USPS – refuse to let it happen

Jonathan Turner is a marine officer who served seven visits in Iraq and Afghanistan all in the name of his nation.

Jonathan passed away when he was only 41 years old after wounds that had unfortunately outwitted him. May he rest in peace.

The people who have ensured our rights and served us should be treated with the most extreme regard — dead or alive.

One group who lives by this statement are the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR).

The Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) portray themselves as a “non-profit association which ensure dignity and respect at memorial service honoring Fallen Military Heroes, First Responders and honorably discharged Veterans.”

At the point when Jonathan passed on in California, there was nobody in his family who could go to the place where he grew up for the burial service, — that is the point at which the PGR understood that they needed to accomplish something.

No one should be sent home via mail to their family.

The process

Jonathan’s ashes needed to be shipped by 2,000 miles which was a pretty hard assignment for the PGR. In only a couple of days anyway, they figured out how to arrange a path and more than 100 MC folks were engaged with the procedure.

A gathering of bikers drove Jonathan’s ashes to another group who they respectfully left his remains with. The other group at that point drove the ashes to another group and so on until the point when Jonathan at last reached his family.

“It’s heartbreaking, to see every one of these people here,” Annie Glanton, Jonathan’s mom said to Fox 5 Atlanta “I realize that he was loved and respected by many people.”

This simply made my day! It’s simply beautiful to see people helping each other out and paying respect to the general population who put their lives in danger for our safety.

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