This rescued baby deer is missing a leg, but his dog siblings taught him how to play

Life wasn’t simple for Rudie the deer when he was a little baby. Two days after his birth, some people took him to a nearby veterinary hospital with a severed leg

They had no clue how it happened however knew medical intervention was the only chance he had to survive. Gratefully, they could safely amputate Rudie’s leg before it was too late.

But then came another issue: where might Rudie live? Who would take care of him while he will heal?

Fortunately, one of the vet doctors at the hospital loved to save harmed creatures and realized that Rudie would be an ideal fit for her family. The initial couple of days at her home were awkward and nerve-wracking for Rudie, however the doctor remained confident that she made the correct decision bringing Rudie home.

After Rudi spent some time trying to accommodate with the “unusual” lifestyle at his new home, Rudie started to flourish. He figured out how to walk with only three legs, began eating regularly and even played with his other animal friends.

Rather than shying away from the harmed deer, the dogs at the house took to him also! Now Rudie goes through his days running with his puppy friends, meeting the new rescued animals Mom brings home and going to the local nursing homes to brighten up the occupants.

See below Rudie’s fully recover. Her hope and power to fight through life is inspiring for all of us!

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