A Couple Parodied ‘The Perfect Couple’s’ Instagram Account And We Can’t Get Enough Of It

You most likely remember that couple on Instagram who travels the world taking incredible photos of their apparently incredible life. Photographer Murad Osmann and his wife Natalia Zakharova broke all kinds of Internet records with their amazing #FollowMeTo series through which they shared all the breathtaking places they’ve visited together. Sure, the fact that Natalie is a model who could make dirt look sexy sure doesn’t hurt when it comes to scoring popularity points online.

But let’s be honest: how many of you looked at their photos and thought to yourself “Hmm… I can totally relate to them and how their life is.” My guess is that few people actually can see themselves in their pictures. No one says the photos are not incredibly beautiful, but that is just not how things go in real life.

Even the couple admitted that every single one of those photos takes a lot of time and planning to get just right. That means a lot of resources that regular couples just don’t have. Regular couples who travel together are very different than the couple behind the #FollowMeTo series. Normal, everyday couples are lucky if they get two, maybe three, good pictures from a trip they take together. And that’s totally fine!



Inspired by the #FollowMeTo project, a Taiwanese couple launched their own series, but offered a more realistic depiction of coupledom. Forrest Lu and his wife Agnes Chien recently took a trip to Hawaii and used the occasion to remind people on social media that couples don’t need to be flawless photo models to show they are in a happy relationship. Even though the photos show the woman pulling her significant other by his hair and nose, they sure look like they had a good time on their vacation.
Now, this is what true love looks like! Finally some photos most of us can relate to.

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