10+ hysterical tweets from parents trying to feed their kids that every parent can relate to

Every parent know that kids can be very picky sometimes. You need to be careful when it comes to mealtime because most of the time they want to skip that meal or to eat unhealthy food. Checking twice that there isn’t any crust on their sandwich or masking vegetables to be all the more tempting; it’s all piece of the parenting territory.

In case you’re a parent, these tweets will either make you laugh because you’ve already been there or cringe because now you know what’s waiting for you.

1. This kid took it too literally

2. That will be my favorite buddy too

3. Well this is heartbreaking

4. Ouch!

5. Touche

6. At least he tried

7. Tough job

8. That means they are detailed oriented kids? LOL

9. This is so true

10. What DNA test? What is that?

11. Taxes suck

12. LOL

13. #momlife

14. “Don’t tell your mommy”

15. This kid will go places. LOL

16. Well this is pretty logical

17. An effective strategy

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