World champion boxer Manny Pacquiao builds 1,000 homes for poor filipinos

Most of the athletes came from poor families and communities and once they have all the glory and money you will think that they will forget about their roots, but this is not true. They always remembered their beginnings and have been involve in different charitable causes for helping their communities. Despite the fact that they put their health at risk in the ring, professional boxers are known to bank amazing sums, win or lose, in world-class match-ups.

Being part of what’s said to be the ‘fight of the century’, professional boxer Manny Pacquiao, even after loosing the game, made over $100 million and is currently using his profit towards a respectable cause. The Philippines-native took to Facebook with the message: “I’m so happy giving this houses free to my constituents in Sarangani Province from my own pocket more than thousand families are the beneficiaries.” After his major, worldwide-viewed fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr, he was motivated to do great things with his profit. The boxer felt it was his obligation to give back and recognized his roots at this time in his life.

This kind gesture has now housed a thousand families in the place where he grew up, all on account of his big heart and his plan to make a difference. Despite the ferocious attitude that he shows to the world in his matches, he is a kind and caring person who is a man of the people.

Born in poverty himself, he knows very well the every day struggle to survive from his community and he feels that it’s his duty to give back from his own fortunes, to where his story started. He has constantly credited the people from his past for his success, and this gesture is an example of his appreciation.

The present Senator of the Philippines dealt with this plan, paying completely out of his own pocket. Despite the fact that he lost the fight, his kin have kept up their pride in the man who dared to fight the best boxer in history and put his nation back on the map. Amid his present term as Senator, he intends to keep building homes for families in need and using his profit towards the advantage of his kin.

This acts of kindness are the best examples that can come from sports, where numerous individuals feel that athletes are overpaid for what they do. What these people doesn’t know or forget is that athletes devote their lives to these sports, and sacrifice family time in doing as such, as they’re always on the road during their busy seasonal schedules. In view of accomplishments and salary caps, athletes are paid in like manner, and obviously, have the extravagance and choice to give back anyway they please.

And this example Many gives to all of us, is the impact that athletes can have if they choose charity. It’s reviving to see the humanly choices that some of our idols can make, knowing their capacity to impact and make a difference, and not forgetting their roots. “I will always remember where I came from. I thank god for allowing me to help other people”.

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