This Woman Turned Her Own Lips Into An Amazing Work Of Art! I Can‘t Take My Eyes Off It!

This make up artist from Australia named Jasmina Daniel drew attention of a large number of social platforms users by her stunning lip makeover.

The 25-year-old lady began transforming her lips into astounding art pieces after she was told she has brain tumor. “I was in a hospital, and i began painting to get occupied. Not long after, I changed paper to my own particular lips,” Jasmina says.

Jasmina got her motivation from some well-known movies she watched at weekends. The amazing perfect works of art on her lips charmed Instagram and YouTube. Here are some of her works.

It is not hard to figure this make up is dedicated to “Finding Dory”. The background incorporates a few shades of blue. At that point, the craftsman drew a shining coral reef and Dory on her lower lip.

Also, this masterpiece is a suggestion to “The Wizard of Oz”. On her lips, Jasmine painted a yellow block street. She utilized blue and green tints to make the sky and grass. Afterward, she painted minor poppies, shining green city scene of Oz and dark outlines of 4 primary characters.

Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” was also reflected in one of Jasmine’s works.

“The Beauty and the Beast”

“Harry Potter”


There are some theoretical paintingsgirls in the young lady’s collection which are not less captivating. The blend of hues, moves, shines and stones … It is difficult to trust that such an uproar of hues can be put on your lips!

Similarly with any other artist, the aptitudes came to Jasmine with experience. “I think all artists work the same way: they attempt distinctive alternatives and enhance their abilities until they are hundred percent happy with their works,” the young lady says.

When she was asked to name her most loved outline, Jasmina says that every one of her works are of high repute to her, since for her each photo symbolizes an imperative part of her life.

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