Woman Makes 50-Foot Bungee Jump Off Bridge But It Goes Horribly Wrong

Extreme sports and other similar activities are always on top of the list for adventure-seekers. They’re all after the adrenaline surge. Out of all the challenging activities, the bungee jump is, maybe, the “easiest” to do.

All things considered, bungee jumping doesn’t require any extraordinary aptitudes. You should simply gather your courage and jump. This was in all probability the inspiration of a lady who chosen to bounce off the La Negra Bridge in the region of Florida in Bolivia.

The lady appeared to be glad and loose amid the last safety check.

The lady had tapped the services of adventure tours organization Andean Trek to sort out the bungee jumping session for her. Since they’ve been arranging bungee jumps and other similar activities for quite a long time, the lady confided in them.

Just before the lady did her leap, an Andean Trek control gives her some last tips. The man likewise performs security checks on the lady’s equipment.

She was all smiles before she jumps.

In the meantime, a few spectators who needed to see the lady make her bounce gathered close to the bridge and started filming the disaster.

By some supernatural occurrence, the lady survived her stunning collide with the shallow riverbed. Still, everybody was astonished to have seen her close passing dive. Spectators rushed to call an emergency vehicle. The lady was in incredible torment when she was taken to a center in the adjacent city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra for treatment. Specialists said she just endured minor wounds and they released her following a couple days. Andean Trek paid for her hospital expenses.


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