Woman Gets Her 20 Boyfriends to Buy Her 20 iPhone 7s, Then Sells Them All and Buys a House

One lady in China has supposedly utilized the confluence of a multiple boyfriends and a hot market for the new iPhone 7 to transform herself into a new property holder. As per the BBC, a Chinese blogger write an unbelievable to good to be true story of a friend who has 20 boyfriends who got her 20 iPhone 7s, which the friend then sold for money to purchase a house.

The blogger, Proud Qiaoba (pseudonym), composed a week ago about her friend, Xiaoli’s (which the BBC reports is likewise a pen name) to homeownership, a story which the BBC reports turned into a web sensation a week ago. “Who comprehends what her lovers think now this news has become social,” Qiaoba composed.

The BBC reports that it’s an intense purchaser’s market for houses in China, making Xiaoli’s guaranteed achievement a wellspring of pride for individuals who know her. Qiaoba blogged that Xiaoli “is not from a rich family. Her mum is a housewife and her father is a migrant specialist, and she is the first daughter. Her folks are getting old and she may be under a considerable measure weight wanting to get them a house… In any case, it’s still unimaginable that she could utilize this technique!” The BBC discussed with a representative at Hui Shou Bao, the organization that supposedly purchased the lady’s telephones. The representative affirmed that the organization purchased 20 telephones from one female customer for about $885 each, however they declined to put the lady in contact with the media.


The story turned into a web sensation on the Chinese smaller scale blogging webpage Weibo, where the BBC reports a hashtag that means “20 mobiles for a house” has been utilized more than 13 million times, with numerous ladies communicating profound respect for Xiaoli’s sentimental and money related skill. As per the BBC, one Weibo client posted, “I can’t discover one boyfriend. She can really discover 20 lovers in the meantime and even motivate them to get her an iPhone 7. Simply need to request her to show me such aptitudes.”

Some others weren’t so well kind in their appraisal of Xiaoli’s attempt, calling her “despicable.”

Yet, Xiaoli allegedly has a house, 20 sweethearts, and for a brief time, 20 iPhone 7s, so it appears as though she’s still the one dominating the competition.

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