Woman Blows Bubble On Pile Of Snow, But Watch As Freezing Air Beautifully Transform It In Seconds

Do you remember those fun bottles of blow bubbles that had an unstable plastic wand? If you were fortunate, you’d get an beautiful huge bubble that floated a couple of feet into the air before it broke up into nothingness.

Gloria Allwin recalls those cheerful days and she shows us that you’re never too old, when it comes to stuff that reminds you of your childhood. She recorded this video of a superbly round soap bubble that she made, which was delicately put onto a mound of snow.

At that point she sat back and watched an astounding transformation occur. Thankfully she recorded so every one of us can enjoy it as well.

Watch the video below to see this bubble grow stronger and stronger by the minute. And if you try it, please share with us your results!

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