This wheelchair looks ordinary enough, but how it transforms when someone sits in it is brilliant

Anybody that is or is near somebody who has a physical cripple knows exactly the amount of a battle it can be. That is harder if the individual was living a handicap free life before. That dramatic change can hold probably the most tragic minutes you’ve ever felt before in your life, however it’s not the end.

Being incapacitated doesn’t really imply that your life needs to pull a 180° flip. In the event that you would have said a couple of years prior that it would you’d have been correct, yet with the advanced technologies and modern medicine of present day, that’s no longer the case anymore. We’ve made huge progresses in prosthetics and the tech utilized as a part of wheelchairs, however at no other time has there been anything like the Ogo. The Ogo is another sort of wheelchair which works under a similar way as Segway does! The seat figures out how to keep itself stable on any territory, and it also have off-road wheels. The limits of the wheelchair are shrinking with every passing day.

Losing the capacity to walk isn’t the end of the world to you and if we keep making the crazy jumps in tech that we have been, presumably won’t be anything permanent in two or three decades. Meanwhile at least you are no longer bound to the streets or sidewalks any longer!

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