We’ll say goodbye to our planet in 1000 years, says Stephen Hawking

People have been on Earth for thousands of years. And that wasn’t a problem till now? Indeed, as per well known physicist Stephen Hawking, things around here are going to be very hard for us. It’s an ideal opportunity to begin exploring around the “neighborhood” for a better place to call home. Yep, you read that right. We need to find another planet, and quick, so the human race can survive according to Stephen Hawking.

Hawking raised worries for human life on Earth amid a discourse at the Oxford Union on November 15, 2016, basically giving mankind an expiration date. “We should … keep on going into space for the fate of humankind. I don’t figure we will survive another 1,000 years without getting away beyond our delicate planet,” the 74-year-old physicist said. He believes that people won’t last another 1,000 years on our “delicate planet,” and we have to find another habitable planet to call home before people are wiped out for good. In the event that we don’t make it off Earth in that timeframe, Hawking trusts humankind will be at great danger of experiencing a mass extinction. Even though the possibility of an enormous, natural, cataclysmic event in any given year is low, that chance will increase after some time and may in the long run lead mankind to extinction just like the dinosaurs did. In the event that a natural mass extinction doesn’t do it, Hawking figures mankind will consume through natural resources so rapidly that life on Earth will never again be sustainable. In conclusion, if neither of those things do it, possibly the robots will. Hawking is vocal about the threat of full artificial intelligence, and feels that if AI becomes sufficiently advanced it will redesign itself quicker than people can. Down the line, this could spell the end for mankind.


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