Watch As This Cockatiel Soothes Baby With Beautiful Music

This infant beyond any doubt loves the sound of a cockatiel’s melodies more than any lullaby.

A two-week-old child looks on with enthusiasm as a cockatiel sings to him and he seems to enjoy a lot the sound of the music.

In the video which has immediately went pretty viral, the winged creature can be seen singing affectionately to the infant who just couldn’t turn away.

Clearly, the pet’s goal is to alleviate and bond with the infant, however a couple people who saw the video had their own particular hypothesis of what message they think the bird might attempt to go over.

One viewer, stated, “This mammoth naked chick can not communicate. I should show him the melody of my kin.” Another one, tries to think about what the child must think. “I value your excitement yet you require somewhat more practice, amigo,” he said.

It is fabulous when the house pet feels good with a baby in the home and tries to bond with him?

It is intriguing to note that Cockatiels are not likely to sing to individuals they don’t care for. So clearly, in the wake of being around this infant for only two weeks, this Cockatiel feels close to him.

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