Waiter Drops Everything To Help Feed Man With Cerebral Palsy Who Has Trouble Eating

A college student stood out as truly newsworthy this mid year for the way he treated a customer at the restaurant where he works.

A small gesture, which he didn’t think to much of, improved things significantly to one man and the story of that act of kindness became a web sensation. Presently they’ve built up a friendship, and it’s thanks to respect, generosity, and compassion.

Meet Lee Bondurant. Lee is a 51-year-old Kroger employee in Raleigh, North Carolina. He’s an independent man, regardless of his cerebral paralysis, but because he is unable to use his hands, he needs assistance in order to eat.

One night, Lee and his mom, Linda, went out for dinner.

They chose to dine at the 42nd Street Oyster Bar. Their waiter, a college student named Five, saw Lee’s mom trying to feed him in the eatery.

“Fish is best eaten hot, so I didn’t want her dish to get cold.” said Five, “I simply wanted to help a fellow man out.”

Five came over and offered to help. Linda happily agreed with his kind gesture. “He casually came over and asked if he had ever had oysters… Lee answered him he had not. Along these lines, [Five] asked if he could serve him his first. It was smooth not to embarrass Lee. Simply offering to share in the experience.”

Even though he was a complete stranger at the time, and Lee doesn’t commonly give people a chance to feed him when they’re not friends or family, this time he agreed.

“I really appreciated what he did, a demonstration of generosity,” Lee disclosed to ABC News.

Linda took a photograph of the inspiring scene at her table.

Furthermore, presented it on Facebook, getting out Five for being compassionate and wonderful. It was shared more than 1,300 times and rapidly turned into a web sensation.

Five doesn’t have Facebook, and he had no clue what was happening.

He became a “star” overnight — “I’m going into the gas station and some individual wants to pay for my gas, and I was like ‘no!'” he said. His supervisor filled him in on the viral post that was his act of kindness.

Lee and Linda are visiting the restaurant regularly since then. They also choose to celebrate Lee’s birthday at the 42nd St. Oyster Bar. It’s not a difficult choice when they go out to eat — they go where individuals truly lend Lee a hand.

“I’m happy I met Five, he’s an amazing friend of mine,” Lee said.

Since that first meeting, their companionship has developed.

“I’m extremely honored,” Lee said. “It shows there are kind people on the planet still.”

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