Un-bee-lievable! Little girl waves at a bumblebee she rescued and it waves right back

Three year old Olivia Higham rescued a bee from death feeding it with sugar and water. It was the second time in three days the insect had been rescued by this delightful little girl.

After the bee recovered and started to move around, the sweet girl started to wave at it and was full of joy when the bee waved her back.

Her father Sam said: “It’s like she’s made a great new friend, and a couple of people have said it’s like a real life Bee Movie. It’s really sweet. Olivia was so excited and really loved it. When she saw the bee waving back and carried on doing it, it was a lovely moment. She looks out for bees a lot more now.”

It looks like Olivia has a special friendship relation with the bumblebee she saved. So sweet!

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