Two-headed cat born, then surprises everyone when he starts ‘meowing’ from both mouths

A lot of us have heard about two headed turtles or snakes, yet a two-headed kitten is something no one hopes to see alive. Well scroll down and be amazed!

Nature has its own crazy ways of doing things and this one is perplexing many people today in a unimaginable wake of past events.

The kitty was born after a special surgery at Perth, Australia animal hospital. The feline needed assistance from nurses who were all in stun when they saw two heads turning out.

The cat has so far survived and is still doing fine. Surprisingly the kitten is likewise meowing from both mouths at once!

The two-headed cat who was conceived In Ohio a couple of years back didn’t make it more than five days, however this cat is defying all odds in an extraordinary birth that is leaving everybody in amazement.

This little cat is currently being observed every day to guarantee his best health.

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