Two thieves got an unexpected end result after picking the wrong house to break into. Garfield Morgan, 54, and his companion Kim Gorton, 36, are both profession robbers, having stolen from several homes in their lives. Yet, it’s improbable they’ll backpedal to crime after the frightful scene they encountered in the home of one Florida man…

Harry Harrington is 6’7″ and weighs more than 300lbs. It’s a huge man full of muscle. He’s an infamous gay s*x predator who has served time in prison for various rapes. A forceful and savage wrongdoer, he’s not the sort of man you want to bother. However, that is exactly what Morgan and Gorton did in one night.

Harrington, known as ‘The Wolfman’, effortlessly overwhelmed the men, tied them up and attacked them for five entire days. Police just mediated after a neighbor heard the men’s weeps for help and called them.

As should be obvious from their mug shots beneath, the men were amazingly damaged by their torment. What they experienced is reprehensible, however numerous online people are stating that they merited some sort of reprisal for their violations. In spite of the fact that we tend to believe that a spell in jail is most likely more reasonable. Five days of being assaulted by a man mountain is excessive, right?

The men face robbery allegations, while Harrington is taking a gander at another stretch inside for his behavior.