Turkish Engineers Just Built A Real-Life Transformer That Changes From BMW To Robot

A group of Turkish designers just made a genuine Transformer vehicle which, similar to our most loved Autobots and Decepticons, changes from vehicle mode to robot mode – and the other way around.

Worked by 12 architects and 4 supporting experts, the Letrons changing auto came as a thought when the organization was conceptualizing for a modern undertaking. The ANTIMON is worked from a genuine vehicle and it took the group 8 months to finish it in Ankara, Turkey.
While the vehicle works through a remote control, the official site lets us know that they are “not drivable yet. “It is, in any case, a future probability that they are as of now investigating.

Obviously, it ought to be noticed that Letrons don’t have the ability to walk, fly and punch like a genuine Transformer. Still, this looks pretty renegade and owning an robot, like those from Transformers, can raise the interest from some people.
So are Letrons available to be purchased? The site said:

“Yes LETRONS can be available to be purchased if the purchasers venture and their explanations behind use, meets the criteria of the LETRONS group.”

The video underneath demonstrates to us how the vehicle does its change. And it’s insane!

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