Tourist passed out in panic after seeing the price tag of a Jade bracelet, which she broke while trying it on

When you are in an expensive store trying on costly things, it is very important to treat them carefully and tenderly. What’s more, in the event that you are a tourist visiting a foreign country, you need to be much more careful in light of the fact that the laws there may be a lot different than in your country. You may become bankrupt or even wind up in prison for a little knickknack. After reading this article, you’ll reconsider before touching anything at any store while traveling.

This Chinese lady was in Ruili City, Yunnan Province when she chose to enter a jade store and take a look at their magnificent jewelry made of jade. Jade is an ornamental article very much appreciated in China and is accepted to bring wellbeing and life span.

Immediately, the lady’s eye was gotten by a greenish bracelet ornament, which was wonderful yet extremely simple. The lady, obviously, wanted to try it on.

When she was holding the arm ornament attempting to push her hand through it, it slipped out, tumbled down on the floor and broke into two pieces. She knew she needed to pay for the thing she broke, however she didn’t know how much. Rapidly, the store owner came up to her and told her that the jade piece cost 300,000 yuan ($44,000), as indicated by BBC.

The lady got pale in a moment and had a panic attack. At that point she lost her consciousness and fell down. Some different guests of the store got her and attempted to revive her. Her family came not long after and requested the owner to pay less, however he refused. Another jewelry was welcome to assess the broken ornament. He said its real price was 180,000 yuan, which is roughly $26,000.

The family had no other choice than to pay the jewelry. Sadly, they didn’t have that amount of cash and could give just $10,000. Now, they need to buckle down and give a big part of their incomes to the jade store. After this, they will always remember this excursion for sure.

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