Top 15 places you’re not allowed to visit on Earth

They say ‘Free World’… well actually it’s not as free as you may think. Indeed, there are over twelve places on our planet which you CANNOT access. Here’s the list:

1. The Coca-Cola Vault

Have you at any point thought which is the real formula of Coca Cola? For reasons unknown the mystery equation behind the Coca Cola formula is one of the most intensely monitored secrets on the Earth.

Keeping in mind the end goal to protect their formula, the Coca-Cola Company has a cutting edge vault that holds the formula and shields it from prying eyes.

Just a few people knows the genuine receipe.

2. The Vatican’s Secret Archive

Beside being a truly old library, the Vatican Library is one of the biggest and most secretive libraries on the planet. Indeed, just a few sacred people can approach the marvels that the vaults contain.

From old Maya codices to ancient books that “supposedly” are proof of alien, the Vatican Secret Archive is said to have it all and is somewhere else on Earth you can’t get to.

3. RAF Menwith Hill. UK.

A standout amongst the most undercover buildings in Europe, and a standout amongst the most strange looking one’s too. These interesting and a bit weird structures give communication and intelligence support to nations like the UK and the US.

This complex is so immense; it has been recorded as the BIGGEST electronic monitoring station on the whole planet.

4. Fort Knox

Fort Knox is a reserve that holds the United States Gold Bullion Reserve and various other national fortunes. It is considered as a standout amongst the most secure places on the planet.

It is ensured by around 30,000 soldiers and a flotilla of assault helicopters.

The Gold-Vault is also secured by a 22-ton blast-proof entryway, and guests are banned.

5. The Bohemian Groove

This one is truly peculiar. It’s something almost out of a Hollywood movie. The Bohemian Groove is a “forbidden” 2,700-acre of country land “somewhere” in California. The land is believed to be claimed by a private San Francisco-based arts club called the Bohemian Club.

Before, presidents, for example, Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover have gone to. Ladies are not permitted.

Incidentally every late spring, the Bohemian Club has a two-week camp in the forested areas were the most influential people on the planet assemble. What are they worshiping?

6. The Svalbard Seed Vault

Another truly cool place that you can’t access. It was built to store the seeds that could be used in case of a calamitous natural disaster.

Just a few people are allowed access to the vault.

Truth be told, not even nations that have lend seeds are allowed access to the site. The vault is situated on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen close to Longyearbyen in the remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago.

7. Snake Island

A place you can’t get to and a place where you truly would prefer not to go. Snake Island is a little Island situated off the shoreline of Brazil and contains 4,000 of the DEADLIEST snakes on the planet. Their venom is powerful to the point that it can MELT human flash.

The Island has been regarded so hazardous that the Brazilian Government restricted people from getting to it.

8. Disney Club 33

One of the most expensive clubs on the planet. Relatively few individuals think about it yet Club 33 At Disneyworld has a 14-year long waiting list. In the event that you happen to get on the rundown, a $40,000 start expense is required. Also, you must pay the yearly charge of $27,000.

The Club is completely forbidden from the general population. Its members incorporate Presidents of the United States, business leaders, and actors.





9. Pine Gap Australia

Meet Australia’s rendition of Area 51. Pine Gap is situated in Central Australia and is operated by the Australian Government and the Central Intelligence Agency.

It is the main place in Australia that is entirely assigned as a no-fly zone and is used as an observing station. The mystery office is said to work various drone stripe programs.

10. Room 39 North Korea

Situated in North Korea, the Room 39 is likewise regularly alluded to as Bureau 39.

It is a cryptic association whose objective is to discover approaches to get outside cash for Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea. It was built up in 1970.

The cryptic association has been portrayed as the “boss” of North Korea’s ‘court economy’.

There is extremely restricted information on Room 39, however it is believed to be an association that has more than 20 bank accounts in Switzerland and China and are utilized for tax evasion operations and other illegal operations.

The secretive group has more than 130 exchanging organizations that are under its authority and specifically controlled by Kim Jong-un.

Little is known about what occurs inside its edges.

11. The Lascaux Caves, France

The Lascaux Caves in France contain old cave paintings that are thought to be more than 17,000 years old, made by early people portraying creatures and weird geometric shapes.

The caves are a forbidden zone since 1963. The caverns have since been threaten by an abnormal parasitic intrusion that undermines the integrity of the artistic creations.

12. The Mormon Church Secret Vault

The Secret Vault was built into the side of a mountain and is a mystery, heat-controlled vault.

As per reports, it proceeds more than 3 BILLION pages of information on ancestry and family history of Americans.

Despite the fact that visits are given on occasion, a large part of the vault is totally beyond reach.


13. Google Datacenter

Google runs the Internet and its Data Center is as protected as Area 51 is. It is a high-security area that contains trillions of records of our DATA.

You can’t get to it, ever.


14. Mezhgorye, Russia

Mezghorye is accepted to be a Russian top secret atomic rocket site. It is a standout amongst the most secured places in Russia, where two regiments always protect the base, keeping anybody from getting to it.

The base is said to contain programmed ballistic rockets which can be remotely initiated in case of an atomic strike which can be recognized by seismic, light and pressure sensors.


15. Area 51

Like all of the above, Are 51 is one of the most top secret and heavy guarded areas on the planet.

This military base is situated in Nevada, about 80 miles from downtown Las Vegas.

As per “official” reports, the base’s basic role is the innovation of experimental aircraft and weaponry.

Strangely, its presence has just been recognized in 2013, and until then the government pretended the base didn’t exist.

Many individuals trust that the base is not home to revolutionary aircraft and weaponry frameworks but rather is home to otherworldly technology.

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