Top 10 Luxury Villas of the World



10. Akasha Villa, St. Lucia, Caribbean

Created by a successful British architect, this is actually the only property on the island having an elevator and a cinema with nine seats and an 120 inch screen.


The Villa has 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, games room and cinema. 

Almost all master bedrooms are usually en-suite, gourmet kitchen, large living area, infinity swimming, games room, TV in every room, wireless.

Spectacular sights as well as sunsets can be viewed right from the villa’s infinity pool.

9. Penthouse in Tower One57, New York

One57 Tower in New York, United States, is known as the “Billionaires building” an appropriate name if we think that a penthouse of this building was sold in 2012, with over 90 million dollars.
Although construction of the tower was not yet finished, over half of the 92 apartments have already been purchased.
8. Fleur de Lys
The mansion was built by the billionaires David and Suzanne Saperstein and was put on sale in 2007, when the couple broke up and became the property of Suzanne.
Price at which suzanne wants to sell the mansion, whose construction was inspired by the French palace of Vaux-le-Vicomte is 125 million dollars.
7. Bran Castle, Romania
Built in the fourteenth century, the Bran Castle is a famous museum and a national monument today, thanks to the popularity of Vlad Tepes. The building was put up for sale in 2009. 

Very different from all the other buildings included in this list, this potential home is more tempting thanks to its history and reputation.
 Dracula’s castle has 57 rooms in total, among which 17 bedrooms, and its price is $ 135 million.
6. Updown Court, Windlesham, Surrey, UK
It is a private residence whose floor area of over 3,700 square meters makes it bigger than Buckingham Palace. The house has 103 rooms, is recognized as the most luxurious in the world and carries with it the label “the most important private house built in England, after the nineteenth century” and the price asked for it is no more than $ 139 million.
It also has a bowling alley, squash court, movie theater, five swimming pools, a heated marble driveway and a staircase modeled apparently after the Miami mansion of Gianni Versace.
 However, beyond all these spectacular features, the main element that makes Updown Court unique in the world is the mosaic floor, composed of pieces of  24 carat gold that cover its 22 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms.

5. Hearst Palace, Beverly Hills, USA 

 This house, owned until recently by media mogul William Randolph Hearst, boasts 29 bedrooms and three pools and cost $ 165 million.  
It even has its own club and auditorium. It was the setting for filming many movies like “The Godfather”, in the famous scene when a Hollywood producer awakens with a horse head in the bed. 
The house was used by President JFK, who lived inside the mansion during the honeymoon. It also enjoyed some famous neighbors such as Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes and David & Victoria Beckham couples.

4. “Penthouse” of the One Hyde Park, London, UK

 On the roof of a building with 82 apartments in the famous residential district Number One Hyde Park of London is the most expensive apartment in the world: 23,500 euros per square meter. The final price for such a property is around $ 200 million.
The house offers a high level of security for its residents such as security cameras, bulletproof glass, retina scanning devices and even a secret tunnel to the nearby Mandarin Hotel. Apartment houses spas, squash courts and even wine tasting rooms. 
3. Rafic Hariri Villa’s
In 2012, the London mansion of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri of Lebanon, assassinated in a bomb attack in 2005, was offered for sale for the sum of 484 million dollars. 
The house is situated in London’s Hyde Park and has an area of ​​18,288 square meters, seven floors and 45 bedrooms, all build by Rafik itself.
The mansion is equipped with bullet-proof windows, swimming pool and a vast kitchen but the most interesting thing about it is that most of the house interior is cover in gold.
2. Leopolda Villa, French Riviera, France
This villa on the French Riviera was built in 1902 by King Leopold II of Belgium. With an area of ​​nearly 7,500 square meter, this property has a price of $ 506 million.
Having the prestige that would have served as home to many famous people, among them Bill Gates, the house belonged, in fact, to the Jewish Brazilian banker Edmond Safra and still belongs to his wife Lily.
It houses 19 bedrooms, sports courts, bowling alley, multiple kitchens and dining rooms, movie theater, all in the main villa. The total size of the field is shocking, with guest houses, several pools and gardens that require more than 50 full-time carers for maintenance.
1. “Antilla”, Mumbai, India   
The tall tower of 27 floors with a floor area of over 37,000 square meters – where two consecutive floors are not composed of a single material similar to give the impression of consistency but not repetitive – is the creation of unique and extravaganza owners Nita and Mukesh Ambani, some of the leading tycoons of India and cost $ 1 billion.
173 meters high and built mostly of glass, the building has a staff of 600 people. The ballroom displays a crystal chandelier descending from the ceiling and is equipped with retractable windows for artistic and educational internship training.
The building is equipped with both indoor and outdoor bar, green rooms and an “entourage room” for relaxation for bodyguards and assistants.
 Antilla has a garage with a capacity for 168 cars, a cinema, three heliports and his own Hindu temple.
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