Toddler At Dance Recital Gets Nervous And Forgets Her Moves, Then She Looks Back At Dad

One parent in Lexington, Kentucky, named Acers Gill, is confirmation that being a magnificent father, sometimes includes a touch of silliness. A video posted on Facebook by Jennifer Gaines shows Acers supporting his 2-year-old girl at a dance show, and it instantly became a web sensation.

The video has been seen over a 500k times, and it shows Acers backstage while his little girl performs in front of an audience for a Kiddie Kapers and Company Dance Program in Kentucky. It turns out to be evident that his young girl has a a little stage fright.

Forgetting her dance moves, the baby look back at her father for help. Acers instantly started to do the choreography dance moves for his girl to follow.

Delightfully, Acers appears to know each and every move, as it gives the impression that he’s been to each dance practice too. Since his girl is just two-years old, it’s difficult for her to focus with the greater part of the action and distractions around her. Despite the fact that the dance instructor is right beside the young lady, she keeps on looking at her father for help.

Not realizing he was being taped from the audience, the virality of the video wasn’t something he at any point anticipated. The consideration he’s got since the video posted has been astonishing for the amazing and supportive father.

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