Tired of people running through the hallway, this company decided to install this floor

Take a look at this floor. There’s a huge hole in it isn’t there? Nope, it’s quite level and was intended to stop you running down the corridor of a showroom for Casa Ceramica, a tile organization from Manchester, UK.

Why the staff is dashing into their showrooms running instead of walking no one knows, but we can just expect that their tiles are pretty great that individuals can hardly wait to see them. Duncan Cook, the proprietor of Casa Ceramica posted a recording of himself first ‘exploring’ the floor, right before walking straight over the ‘hole’, demonstrating that his is all in your head and finishing with a neat dab.

After an interview with INSIDER, a delegate of the organization said that “the motivation was to make a passage themed on fantasies and exceed expectations of how tiles can be utilized.” While it might give you vertigo in your way to the showroom, the dream just works in a single direction so you’ll be safe on your way out.

Will this amazing floor make you stop and look twice before walking on it?

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