Tired boy and his cow lose out at dairy fair, fall asleep and win the internet

A 15-year-old kid named Mitchell Miner and his cow Audri a few days ago participated in the Iowa State Fair dairy kettle show. Even they put 100% work in this sow, they completed just fifth out of seven. Feeling depleted, the couple slept, when the kid’s dad came in and snapped a photograph of them cuddling one next to the other.

The photo was shared with the following title: “Our child Mitchell and his calf after showing yesterday.” It instantly went viral on the web and increased more than 15,000 likes by the following day.

“I believe it’s exactly when you invest that much energy with them, they get truly comfortable,” Laura Miner, the kid’s mom, told the Des Moines Register. Both she and her husband grew on a farm, however now that they live somewhere else, they need their kids to connect with their roots. In this way, the family borrows animals for the summer so her children can experience the farm life.

“We learn a lot from the farm,” Jeremy Miner, Mitchell’s father, said. “We have those values implanted in us and we are endeavoring to do what we can to save that.”

With respect to Audri the sleepy cow, she will be making a beeline for the dairy farm once the show will end in September.

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